References | We love it when our clients provide us with feedback following a course.
Here are some of their comments...

" Thanks Angela. You were great, I'll definitely recommend you everywhere. "Haydn Fairman, King James Advertising

" Just to give you some feedback from our side - the advanced group were THRILLED with their session and could not stop talking about it - they were like a bunch of kids with a new toy! They LOVED the way you presented the work and really connected with your teaching style and methodical approach so THANK YOU for imparting your valuable skills to our team so awesomely! "Moira Barkley, IT Manager, The Jupiter Drawing Room

" ANGIE HAUSNER has been responsible for the in-depth software training of the BBDO DTP staff and has been chosen as the BBDO DTP department preferred Trainer. Her knowledge and excellent training skills ensured a smooth transition, in an extremely pressurised environment, for all staff from Freehand MX to InDesign (CS2) as well as Illustrator (CS2) and Photoshop (CS2). The feedback from all in the DTP Department is that she is a 'born teacher' with a wealth of knowledge covering many aspects of DTP. "Cindi Baard, DTP Studio Manager, BBDO

" My team seem to be enjoying the training very much. They are zooming with excitement to go and try all these new things out on their projects. So thank you very much and well done. "Janine Poezyn, Design Manager, Oxford University Press

" Your course was amazing and very well were awesome! "Howard Deary, The Design Shop

" Our staff had nothing but praise for the training they received. Angela is a professional and highly effective trainer and I would recommend her without any hesitation. She has trained both our Apple Mac and PC users on various Adobe packages, including travelling to our Johannesburg office. "Mark Seabrook, IT Manager , New Holland Publishing (South Africa)(Pty)Ltd

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